Special Civil Part Special Committee


Russell P. Goldman
121 Highway 36, Suite 130
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Vice Chair
Richard S. Eichenbaum
Selip & Stylianou, LLP
10 Forest Avenue
PO Box 914
Paramus, NJ 07653
Peter Aziz
Rookmin C. Beepat
Cecilia W. Blau
I. Mark Cohen
Martin L Duyk
Mark R. Faro
Hon. Mahlon L Fast
Catherine Finnerty
Bruce E. Gudin
Janice L. Heinold
Thomas A Hogan
John M. Krenzel
Steven Lang
Joel Leon
Gary S Lewis
Michael McLaughlin
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Michael D Mirne
Cara A Murphy
Jerome F O'Brien
Hon. Anthony F Picheca Jr.
Barry W. Rosenberg
Alisha N. Sawyer
Arnold L Stadtmauer
Roger W Thomas
Sarah Walzer
Joseph M. Wenzel
Miles S. Winder III

Trustee Liaison
Diane K. Smith


The Special Civil Part Special Committee identifies problems in the Special Civil Part and recommends a remedial course of action, including rule changes, alternative or complementary dispute resolution and greater uniformity.