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The value of a meaningful mentoring relationship cannot be understated. Having someone you trust to ask questions as you navigate the professional world, can make the difference between struggling and success. 

The NJSBA has launched Mentor Match, a program that blends traditional mentoring with the best features of online matching platforms. Enroll to be a mentor and help new attorneys on their professional journey.


Here are the steps to successfully complete your mentor enrollment:

1. Please complete your member profile (which is populated with some of your membership information) so that potential mentees can learn more about you. Be sure to add a photo, include information in your bio and details of your job history. You can also use the button that downloads information from your LinkedIn profile.

2. Make selections for each of the demographics below to set your preferences. *Please note that some fields are required for Mentor enrollment. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for Mentees to find their best mentor match.

The Mentor and Mentee understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. The relationship is for educational purpose and guidance. Information provided by the Mentor does not constitute legal advice and the Mentee shall rely solely upon his/her own judgment, opinions and research in providing legal advice and representation to the Mentee’s clients;
  2. Any communication between the Mentor and Mentee does not create an attorney-client relationship which includes the Mentor, Mentee, the New Jersey State Bar Association Mentorship Program nor the Mentee’s clients;
  3. The Mentor does not assume any liability or responsibility with respect to any legal matter of the Mentee nor the Mentee’s clients;
  4. The Mentor and Mentee voluntarily agree to keep the relationship and communications confidential from all third parties, unless otherwise agreed or required by law;
  5. Both Mentor and Mentee agree to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct, as they apply to any aspect of the relationship.



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