Cannabis Law Special Committee



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Michael F. Schaff
Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer
90 Woodbridge Center Drive
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

Seth Tipton
Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Cappelli LLC
235 Broubalow Way
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Anthony M Arbore
Tracy A Armstrong
Robert W. Bacso
Joshua Bauchner
Elizabeth Bogle
Brittany A. Bonetti
Cristin M. Boyle
Raymond M Brown
Jennifer Cabrera
Jill Caffrey
Christopher T. Campbell
Hon. Michael R. Casale
Tabatha L. Castro
Rosalyn Charles
Vincent Cheng
Ehsan F. Chowdhry
Ronald A. Cohen
Amy Beth Cohn
Natalie Colao
Pamela M. Copeland
Timothy E. Corriston
Rachel S. Cotrino
Anne M. Davis
Thomas DeCataldo Jr.
Joseph M. DeCotiis
Keya C Denner
Joseph J. DiDonato
Patrick J Dwyer
Alexis Elder
Angel Falcon
John S. Favate
Natara Feller
Jack Fersko
Marc Friedman
Kathleen Claire Gannon
Steven Garfinkle
Darren Gelber
Bruce I. Goldstein
Gordon J Golum
Guillermo Gonzalez
Lisamarie Gora
Christopher W. Hager
Larry Hardcastle
Patrick Harrity
Mollie F Hartman Lustig
Michael Heitmann
Robert B. Hille
Michael A. Hoffman
Keith L Hovey
Samuel John
Paul P Josephson
Paul John Klemm
Nikolas S. Komyati
Barbara J. Koonz
Jill A. LaZare
Stuart J. Lieberman
Andrew D. Linden
Lisa D. Love
Nicole Maguire
Toni Ann Marabello
Gene Markin
Rosemarie Moyeno Matos
Daniel T McKillop
Michael C. McQueeny
Erika Medina
Robert Medine
Carmen E Mendiola
Sheila Mints
Ronald P. Mondello
Brady Montalbano Connaughton
Kristina G. Murtha
Jaimee M. Nadell
Charles H Newman
Mary Nicholes
Christine P O'Hearn
Anthony Michael Osbourne
Michael V. Palmieri
Donald Parisi
Chirali V. Patel
Mark R. Peck
Benjamin R. Penn
Arlene Perez
Edward R Petkevis
Darren M. Pfeil
Satish V. Poondi
Frederick C. Raffetto
Marc A Raso
Robert Ratish
Ruth A Rauls
Eric D. Reiser
Svetlana Ros
Karin K. Sage
Christina L. Saveriano
Robert E. Schiappacasse
David A Semanchik
Joseph Shapiro
Kenneth Sharperson
James D Sipple
Julia Talarick
Roy H Tanzman
Christopher Wall
Thomas D. Wand
Adam J. Weisberg
John C Weldin Jr.
David M. White
John D. Williams
Dennis P. Williams
Edward J. Zohn
Allison N. Zsamba

Trustee Liaison
Michael  F. Schaff


The Cannabis Law Committee brings together a group of attorneys who examine the many legal issues – from civil to business to criminal – that will stem from medical, and potential consumer access to cannabis. It will review legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees; suggest amicus advocacy positions; inform discussions on Court Rules and other matters that pertain to the regulation of attorneys; produce a newsletter or information on cannabis law; and/or create continuing legal education for attorneys to learn more about this burgeoning field.