NJSBA President Kimberly Yonta to testify on judicial security resolution at ABA House of Delegates meeting

By NJSBA Staff posted 02-22-2021 12:36


New Jersey State Bar President President Kimberly A. Yonta is scheduled to virtually testify today before the governing body of the nation’s largest lawyers’ association in support of Resolution 10E, which would prohibit the disclosure of personally identifiable information of judges and their families.

The American Bar Association  Mid-Year Meeting House of Delegates’ resolution comes seven months after the brutal attack at the home of U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas that took the life of her son, Daniel Anderl, and critically wounded her husband, Mark.

Before testifying, Yonta is expected to ask the delegates to observe a moment of silence to honor Daniel.

Yonta is slated to testify that judges across the court system, both active and retired, face threats every day and that the threats are not only on individual stewards of justice, but on an entire system of justice that is a cornerstone of our democracy.

She also plans to reference New Jersey’s recently enacted Daniel’s Law in her remarks, and to point out that the tragedy that took Salas’s only son was a wake-up call that the independence of the Judiciary is at risk. She will note that it is imperative steps are in place to deter these threats to ensure our justice system maintains its independence and integrity.