Call for Articles -- August 2020 NJ Lawyer Magazine (SOGI Issue)

By NJSBA Staff posted 20 days ago


The August 2020 issue of New Jersey Lawyer magazine will focus on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Special Editors, Bill Singer and Rebecca Levin, are seeking authors with interest and experience who can write an article on one or more of the following topics in the context of sexual orientation and gender identity and the law:

-          Cultural competency in the courts for nonbinary and gender non-conforming individuals

-          Getting names and gender markers aligned

-          Sex discrimination and employment protections for sexual orientation and gender identity

-          LGBTQ Issues in Schools & Education/Title IX

-          LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

-          Bias (conscious and unconscious) in the criminal justice system

-          Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships in an age of marriage equality

-          Estate Planning considerations for LGBTQ individuals and couples

-          LGBTQ Servicemembers

-          Health Insurance benefits and coverage

-          Transgender parents and children and custody

-          LGBTQ-based asylum

-          Poly/bi/kink and the law

The Special Editors are also open to ideas not included above. If you have an interest in writing on one of these topics or another topic related to sexual orientation and gender identity, please contact, Rebecca Levin ([email protected]) or Bill Singer ([email protected]) regarding the proposed topic you and what experience/insight you have. Please email your proposed topic to the Special Editors  by 1/27/20.