NJSBA Board of Trustees Meets, Takes Action on Issues Facing the Profession

By NJSBA Staff posted 27 days ago


The New Jersey State Bar Association’s governing body met earlier this month to act on several issues. The Board of Trustees met June 14 at the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick and approved the association’s annual budget; reviewed attorney demographic data to designate underrepresented groups as per the bylaws; and voted on additional matters ranging from members who will continue to chair committees to special speakers who will complement the NJICLE calendar of seminars.

Here’s a look at what happened:

Budget: The trustees approved the 2019-2020 budget for the NJSBA. The roughly $12 million includes several proposals to help members. It contains a plan to allow young lawyers to join substantive sections for free with the goal of providing them additional reasons to stay invested in the organization throughout their careers. It also continues the MentorMatch program to connect experienced attorneys and retired judges with attorneys who are starting out or facing a career transition. The budget anticipates launching a law practice management component so that members can get valuable information and guidance about running their practice. And the NJSBA also plans to conduct a survey of young lawyers to learn more about how they want to communicate, what serves they need and what benefits they want from their membership. The budget was introduced in March and it was published for review by the NJSBA’s members in May.
Underrepresented groups: As required under the NJSBA bylaws, the trustees conducted the annual review of underrepresented groups on the board, including a review of the latest attorney demographic data. The underrepresented designated groups are African-American; Hispanic; Asian-Pacific; women; gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender; over age 70; and attorneys with disabilities. The trustees designated a seat each for members who are: African-American; Hispanic; Asian-Pacific; women; and gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Three additional at-large seats are open to members of any of the underrepresented groups.

Section bylaws: The Board of Trustees approved a request from the Family Law Section to update its bylaws, including the criteria for the Tischler Award and to permit the chair to appoint both chairs of its Young Lawyers Committee.

ABA Resolution: The trustees agreed to join a coalition of bar associations that support a resolution that will be up for a vote before the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates when it meets in August. The resolution urges that the nation’s broadband infrastructure must be fortified for attorneys and pro se litigants who face challenges to adequately defend and prosecute cases because of limitations of high-speed internet access.

Committee chairs: The trustees approved the reappointment of chairs to a handful of committees. The bylaws require that the trustees review any reappointment of a committee chair if they have already served two terms.
The reappointed standing committee chairs are: 
Glenn A. Henkel, CLE Advisory
Craig J. Hubert, Judicial Administration
Katherine Dart, Law Office Management
Christina Vassiliou Harvey, Membership
Angela Foster, New Jersey Lawyer Editorial Board
The reappointed special committee chairs are: 
Alexandra V. Gallo and Andrea J. Sullivan, Equity Jurisprudence
Steven L. Menaker, Ethics Diversionary
Michael R. Morano, Fidelity and Surety Law
Edward G. Sponzilli, Higher Education
Robert W. McAndrew, Malpractice Insurance
Jonathan H. Lomurro, Medical Malpractice
Fernando M. Pinguelo and Angelo A. Stio III, Privacy Law
William A. Despo, Securities Law

Special speakers: The trustees approved several speakers who will be brought in to provide programs to enhance the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education’s offerings. The speakers are:

Psychologist Stuart Green, who is the executive director of the New Jersey Coalition for Bullying Awareness, and will present Bullying, the Law and Your Clients in August;

Award-winning filmmaker Keith Beauchamp, who will tell the untold story of the murder of Emmett Till;

Jack Marshall, who will present Ethics Blues: A Musical Legal Ethics Seminar Featuring the Immortal Ballads of the 1930s, 40s and 50s in August;

“That’ll Never Happen Here,” a program that will look at scenes from The Office and Parks and Recreation as case studies on what not to do in the workplace. It will be held in the fall; and

Michael Kahn and Chis Olson to present “Passing the Torch… While It’s Still Got Heat,” a program targeted at solo and small-firm attorneys considering succession planning.