New Episode of NJSBA Sidebar: The Presidential Edition

By NJSBA Staff posted 06-12-2019 10:08


Have you met NJSBA 2019-2020 President Evelyn Padin?

She is a dynamo and some have called her a Renaissance woman. She's a lawyer, a restaurant owner, a commercial development and the first Latina to head the NJSBA in its 120-year history.

Learn more about her in the latest NJSBA Sidebar podcast episode.

Padin sat down in her Jersey City office just before her installation in May to talk about growing up in Hudson County; working as a social worker; her decision to go to law school and why it matters that people of diverse backgrounds rise to the top of the legal profession.

She also discussed her priorities for the year ahead including holding law day events in cities; promoting diversity and inclusion in the profession; advancing legislation to level the playing field for professionals in the malpractice insurance marketplace; raising money to feed New Jersey's children who don't have enough to eat; and putting together a network of resources to help lawyers who are struck by a medical crisis.

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