NJSBA Sidebar: The Pot Edition

By NJSBA Staff posted 08-22-2018 10:03


The latest edition the New Jersey State Bar Association's podcast covers all things related to cannabis law.

Join us for a conversation with Michael Schaff, a NJSBA Trustee and partner at Wilentz, Goldman and Spitzer, and Seth Tipton, a partner at Florio, Perrucci, Steinhardt, and Cappelli.

They are chairs of the association's new Cannabis Law Committee. And judging by the flood of people who were interested in joining the committee, it's fair to say that cannabis law is a hot legal issues these days in New Jersey.

We talked at Michael's office recently and Seth joined by phone to discuss how medical marijuana and the possibility of an adult-use law is going to be felt across real estate, healthcare, bankruptcy, family, banking, criminal and employment law - especially since the federal government still considers it a controlled dangerous substance.

Stick around for references to pot brownies, trucks full of cash, what in the world FinCEN is and why this is the wild west of the law.

This is just one of a few things on the cannabis law side of things that are coming up from the NJSBA. Others include:

  • The Ethics of Cannabis CLE happening on Sept. 7;
  • An edition of New Jersey Lawyer focused on all-things cannabis;
  • The Cannabis Law Special Committee will team up with the New Jersey Hospital Association and association's Health Law Section for an event in October, and;
  • The Cannabis Law Symposium is scheduled for March 13.

As always, send us you thoughts, comments or questions or ideas of people we should talk to [email protected].

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