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Special Civil Part Special Committee


I. Mark Cohen
One Executive Drive
Suite 6
Tinton Falls, NJ 07701

Vice Chair
Russell P. Goldman
121 Highway 36
Suite 130
West Long Branch, NJ 07764

Cecilia W. Blau
Martin L. Duyk
Richard S. Eichenbaum
Mark R. Faro
Donald V. Feeley
Bruce E. Gudin
William T. Harvey Jr.
Michael A. Hoffman
Thomas A. Hogan
Andrew R. Kravis
John M. Krenzel
Steven Lang
Gary S. Lewis
Michael McLaughlin
Jennifer Mendelsohn
Michael D. Mirne
Jerome F. O’Brien
Hon. Anthony F. Picheca Jr.
Sheldon H. Pressler
Barry W. Rosenberg
Steven Smalls
Arnold L. Stadtmauer
John W. Sywilok
Roger W. Thomas
Joseph M. Wenzel
Miles S. Winder III


The Special Civil Part Special Committee identifies problems in the Special Civil Part and recommends a remedial course of action, including rule changes, alternative or complementary dispute resolution and greater uniformity.


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