Paralegal Special Committee



Nyree Dawn Benitez
Rebenack Aronow & Mascolo, LLP
111 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Lisa M. St. Clair
Keefe Law Firm
170 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Melissa Acosta-Amarante
Barbara Ann Baird
Yolanda Barry
Yvonne Bowers
Lisa Burke
Helen Carras
Linda V. McDonald Carter
Maryanne Dayton
Tina Cortese
Sandra C. Csaposs
Maria M. DeFilippis
Darla Deleon
Lorrie L. Denson
Colson Derby III
Lynne DeRemigio
Bryan Marc Eichner
Jacob S. Elkes
Cheryl A. Fasinski
Vivian Figueria
Carol Fine
Erica R. Fiocco
Rose Grossman
JoAnne Haffeman
Raezelle Hadley
Joanne Hardesty
Mortimer Hetsberger
Lawrence A. Joel
Edward M. Kissling
Danielle Knoell
Susan A. Krisulevicz
Linda M. Lance
Betsy A. Lindenberg
Stephanie Miller
Diane M. Moore
Miriam Nettles
Samantha Peters
Alexandra Pina
Jessica Polanco
Monica Porter
Becky Reedy
Ashleigh Marie Ries
Cheryl Lee Rimbach
Laurie A. Robinson
Sarah Robinson
Brenna L. Roznowski
Alejandro Sanchez
Alisha N. Sawyer
Laura A. Schwartzkopf
Dorothy Secol
Nancy Z. Seldomridge
Brenda Sherman
Jennifer Smith
Kim Smolka
Carol Snyder
Atinuke Sode
Amy Tarazona
Arlene Tolbert
Lisa Trimboli
Kim Wallace
Mary C. Williams

Trustee Liaison
Eugenia M. Lynch


A paralegal/legal assistant who is qualified through education, training, or work experience, is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency or other entity in a capacity or function which involves the performance, under the direction and supervision of a lawyer, of specifically delegated substantive legal work, which work, for the most part, requires sufficient knowledge of legal concepts that, absent that paralegal or legal assistant, the lawyer would perform the task.
NJSBA Bylaws, Article 1 - 2(d).


The Paralegal Committee encourages the positive development and advancement of the paralegal profession in New Jersey. The committee promotes opportunities to educate both attorneys and the public on the appropriate use of paralegals in a legal setting, and facilitates continuing legal education for paralegals.