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Media Law Special Committee


Thomas J. Cafferty
Gibbons, PC
1 Gateway Center
Newark, NJ 07102

James P. Anelli 
Peter G. Banta 
Jennifer A. Borg 
John C. Connell 
Bobby D. Conner 
Frank L. Corrado 
Stephen J. DeFeo 
Richard M. Eittreim
Chris Furlong 
Michael J. Gesualdo 
Katherine Hatton 
Lauren James-Weir 
Stuart M. Lederman 
Robert T. Lehman 
Kenneth K. Lehn
Nomi I. Lowy 
Keith J. Miller 
Eileen Napolitano 
Eric Pelz 
Donald A. Robinson 
Bruce S. Rosen 
Khizar A. Sheikh 
Robert Douglas Thompson

Trustee Liaison
Joan M. Burke


The Media Law Special Committee monitors, studies and comments upon developments in or relating to media and communications law with the aim of improving the level of practice, providing continuing legal education opportunities through programs and conferences and disseminating timely information on evolving issues.