Lawyers in Transition Special Committee


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Trustee Liaison
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Attorneys will find themselves in a period of transition at one or more points in their careers. It may be due to their initial entry into the legal profession, their exiting the profession upon retirement, for brief or extended family leave, in order to pursue an alternative career opportunity, upon making a shift in the focus or path of their career, or an economic downsize in the private or public sector. Attorneys face challenges and uncertainties when entering or returning to the workforce. The Special Committee on Lawyers in Transition develops initiatives to help these attorneys identify and pursue possible and desired opportunities, to enable lawyers to remain connected to other lawyers and the profession before and during a career interruption while laying the groundwork for future re-entry and to arm them with the skills needed both during and following a transition.  

The Special Committee on Lawyers in Transition establishes programs and resources geared toward providing career and job services, presenting networking and mentoring opportunities, helping to establish and foster partnership and collaboration among attorneys, developing practical skills and offering needed training. The Committee collaborates with the sections and committees of the New Jersey State Bar Association to supplement and enhance the benefits, programs and services offered.