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Higher Education Special Committee


Sean R Kelly Esq.
Saiber LLC
Ste 200
18 Columbia Tpke
Florham Park, NJ 07932-2266
Martin M. Barger
Monica C. Barrett
Nicole D. Bearce
Allison Becht
Paulette Brown
James J. Capone Jr.
Arnold H. Chait
Steven Gerber
Gordon J. Golum
Rina Grassotti
Melissa E. Hager
Edward Hoffman
Irving L. Hurwitz
Catherine A. Kiernan
J. Philip Kirchner
Barbara A. Lee
Viola S. Lordi
William F. Maderer
Susan L. Nardone
Rocky L. Peterson
Richard F. Ricci
Tracey Schneider
Aron M. Schwartz
Edward G. Sponzilli
Holly C. Stern
John B. Wolf


The Higher Education Special Committee addresses issues of concern to attorneys representing colleges and universities, including denial of tenure, student discipline, discrimination claims, immigration questions and restriction of commercial speech.


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