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Government and Public Sector Lawyers Special Committee


Christine H. Kim
NJ Attorney General’s Office
PO Box 80
Trenton, NJ 08625

James X. Sattely Jr.
Office of Bergen County Counsel
1 Bergen County Plaza, Room 580
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Labinot Berlajolli
Louis J. Bizzarri
Dennis L. Bliss
Robert Brass
Marlene G. Brown
Laura A. Carney
Hon. Bernadette N. DeCastro
Eileen Den Bleyker
Phillip Dowdell
Michael J. Duffy
Christopher H. Falcon
Mark H. Friedman
Charlotte K. Gaal
Mary E. Garrity
Michelle Gasparian
Ann M. Gorman
Frederic E. Gushin
George T. Hanley
Eleanor Heck
William R. Holzapfel
Hon. Lisa H. James-Beavers
Nicholas Kant
E. Dennis Kell
Virginia N. Langfitt
Robert E. Laux
Hon. Linda L. Lawhun
William J. Linton
Steven J. Madonna
Kathleen Marchetti
James H. Martin
Jill McNally
Joseph Milestone
Brandon D. Minde
Cara Ann Murphy
Suzanne N. Patnaude
Lawrence H. Posner
Hon. Michael L. Ravin
Joanne M. Restivo
Trinna L. Rodgers
Joshua A. Roman
Megan Shafranski
Diane K. Smith
Richard C. Strobel
Stanley Turitz
Barbara E. Ungar
Katherine S. Wade
Jason Watson
Kimberly A. Yonta
Daniel Zwillenberg


The Government and Public Sector Lawyers Special Committee provides a forum for lawyers from all segments of public employment in New Jersey to discuss particular needs and issues related to their area of work.