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Franchise Law Special Committee



Robert C. Brady
Gibbons, PC
1 Gateway Center
Newark, NJ 07102

Joseph S. Aboyoun 
Barry J. Bendes 
Marvin J. Brauth 
Ronald J. Campione 
Eric L. Chase 
Michael J. Connolly 
David R. Dahan 
Robert T. Egan 
Douglas J. Ehrenworth 
Lionel J. Frank 
Stuart J. Freedman 
Eric S. Goldberg 
Leon J. Greenspan 
Brett R. Harris 
Roslyn S. Harrison 
Michael T. Hensley 
George R. Hirsch 
Michael G. Keating 
William F. Kehoe 
Mark H. Kelly 
Justin M. Klein 
Stephen R. Knox 
Andrew W. Krantz 
Joel N. Kreizman 
Dennis R. LaFiura 
Genevieve K. LaRobardier 
Kenneth K. Lehn
Benjamin A. Levin 
Gerald A. Marks 
William E. Reifsteck 
Mary Ellen Rose 
David S. Sager 
Mark D. Shapiro 
Adam Siegelheim 
Jeremy I. Silberman 
Gerd W. Stabbert Jr. 
Michael S. Waters 
Lawrence H. Wertheim 
Gary K. Wolinetz

Trustee Liaison
Haekyoung Suh


The Franchise Law Special Committee establishes a forum where practitioners in this specialized area of the law may meet, network, show information and discuss developments and suggest improvements in franchise law.