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Bob Lefsetz and Charlie Walk

By Gary A. Laurie, Esq posted 02-07-2018 20:29


Journalist-bloggers versus alleged predators. Free speech rights versus protection from defamation. Trial by media versus trial by law. Frame it however you wish, the fact of the matter is that allegations of sexual misconduct have recently hit the legal spotlight in a big way. Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo have become lightning rods in many industries. As opposed to allegations in the film industry and Silicon Valley, the music industry has been surprisingly silent. Music blogger Bob Lefsetz, writer of The Lefsetz Letter, has recently published numerous emails he has received from women in the music industry with their own stories of alleged sexual misconduct. Some have been anonymous and some have not. Now he may be in hot water after publishing a letter from an alleged victim of Charlie Walk, who recently left his current gig as a judge on The Four after these allegations surfaced. Walk’s lawyer has demanded Lefsetz retract the statement and take down the posts. Stay tuned for how this plays out. For more information, see: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/charlie-walks-lawyers-threaten-music-blogger-sexual-misconduct-allegations-1082459.