Election Law Special Committee


Flavio L. Komuves
Zazzali Fagella Nowak Kleinbaum & Friedman
1 Riverfront Plaza, Suite 320
Newark, NJ 07102
Michael A. Angelini
Steven Backfisch
Robert W. Bacso Jr.
Frances Barto
Eric M. Bernstein
Lisa Chapland
Alfonse A. DeMeo
James P. Durek
Hon. Linda R. Feinberg
Steven L. Fox
Angelo J. Genova
Lash Green
Paul H. Green
George T. Hanley
William R. Holzapfel
Christopher M. Howard
Leonard V. Jones
Paul P. Josephson
Donald Katz
Leonard P. Kiczek
Steven Kleinman
Hersh Kozlov
Albert G. Kroll
Michael B. Lavery
Anthony F. LaVista
Kenneth Maloney
Richard M. Mausner
Richard J. McManus
Brandon D. Minde
Hon Edward M. Neafsey
Brian M. Nelson
Hon. Anthony F. Picheca Jr.
Scott Puro
Karen P. Randal
Paul S. Rotella
Alexander Shalom
William S. Singer
Matthew H. Sontz
William M. Tambussi
Joseph M. Wenzel
Charles E. Woolson Jr.

Trustee Liaison
Gregory P. DeMichele


The Election Law Committee monitors developments in election law, including laws pertaining to New Jersey gubernatorial elections; public financing of legislative campaigns; funding for the Election Law Enforcement Commission; and campaign disclosure laws regarding various entities and persons. The committee also makes comments and/or recommendations when appropriate.