New NJSBA Sidebar Episode Digs into Reviewing Judicial Candidates

By NJSBA Staff posted 04-13-2018 10:58


The latest episode of NJSBA Sidebar podcast talks with Anthony Carlino, who is chair of the association's Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee. The committee is the only non-partisan step in the the nomination process for candidates for the bench and prosecutor positions. Tune in to learn more about the history of JPAC and how it works.

Through an agreement with every governor dating to Gov. Richard J. Hughes, the association has played an important role in providing a thorough and confidential review of candidates. JPAC has representatives from every county, as well as a chair and vice chairs, one each from the northern and southern parts of the state. Under the compact that Gov. Phil Murphy recently signed, and thanks to the approval of a change to the NJSBA's bylaws, the committee will add three members from underrepresented groups in the legal community. In addition, the new compact restores a role for county bar associations in the review process.

The process is completely non-partisan and the findings of whether a candidate is qualified or not qualified are reported to the Governor's Office.

During the past 49 years, the committee has reviewed thousands of candidates with the purpose of providing information, insight and guidance to numerous governors to evaluate the candidates who will preside in the state’s courts and prosecutor offices.

The NJSBA is grateful to be a part of this process and believes it is a critical step toward ensuring our state has independent and well-qualified Judiciary.