Automobile Litigation and No Fault Special Committee



Andrew A. Fraser
Laddey Clark & Ryan
60 Blue Heron Road
Sparta, NJ 07871

Tommie Ann Gibney
Andres & Berger, PC
264 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033
Robert M. Adochio
Richard B. Ansell
Benedict V. Aspero
Robert A. Auerbach
Gerald H. Baker
Thomas W. Barlow
Clifford D. Bidlingmaier III
Jeffrey Bloom
Robert J. Borrelle
E. Drew Britcher
Abbott S. Brown
Vincent J. Ciecka
E. Carter Corriston
Frank M. Coscia
Victor M. Covelli
Michelle M. Cresti
Gerald M. Eisenstat
Peter R. Errico
Leslie A. Farber
Benjamin Folkman
Lauren D. Fraser
Paul A. Garfield
Willard Geller
James E. Gelman
Amos Gern
Tommie Ann Gibney
Robert E. Goldstein
John R. Gorman
Andrew H. Graulich
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John E. Gregory Jr.
James E. Humphreys
Matthew Jordan
Eric G. Kahn
David J. Karbasian
Kristian A. Krause
Edward Lee
Stewart M. Leviss
Peter C. Lucas
Brian V. Lucianna
Patrick J. Mangan
Stephan T. Mashel
Cynthia M. Maurer
Ben Montenegro
Anthony J. Murgatroyd
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Daniel E. Rosner
Daniel F. Sahin
John A. Sakson
Garry R. Salomon
Robert S. Sandman
Marc Saperstein
John C. Sinuk
Robert A. Smith
David Spevack
Joseph A. Spinella
Uri H. Taenzer
Joseph S. Trapanese
Michael T. Warshaw
David M. Weissman
Jeffrey J. Zenna
John A. Zohlman, III

Trustee Liaison
Evelyn Padin


The Automobile Litigation and No Fault Committee addresses the legal issues and practice related to handling no fault claims, and the practice and trial of auto collision cases. The Committee also monitors and comments on legislation involving automobile insurance, including no-fault, tort thresholds and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. The Committee hosts educational programs and meetings in order to exchange information and gain insight into the handling of motor vehicle related matters.