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Appellate Practice Special Committee


Jeffrey S. Mandel
Cutolo Mandel LLC
55 Madison Avenue
Suite 400
Morristown, NJ 07960

Rita Ann M. Aquilio
Richard W. Berg
Jamie N. Berger
Celia S. Bosco
Steven E. Braun
Douglas S. Brierley
Jeffrey J. Brookner
Daniel Brown
Christopher J. Carcich
Trishka Waterbury Cecil
Dale E. Console
Amy S. Cores
Olivia B. Crisp
Lawrence S. Cutalo
Laurence J. Cutler
David Perry Davis
Audra DePaolo
Robert J. Donaher
Carolyn C. Duff
Kevin J. Duffy
Stephen M. Eisdorfer
Eli L. Eytan
Sarah Fang
Stephanie G. Forbes
Mark H. Friedman
Bonnie C. Frost
Bruce D. Greenberg
Randi S. Greenberg
Michael R. Griffinger
Amirali Y. Hadri
Christina Vassiliou Harvey
Carol M. Henderson
Nathan Howe
Donald P. Jacobs
Vanessa M. Kelly
Brooks H. Leonard
Laura M. LeWinn
Clara S. Licata
Ronald G. Lieberman
James A. Louis
Carrie A. Lumi
Natalie Mandell
Diana C. Manning
Brian J. Molloy
Benjamin D. Morgan
Michelle J. Munsat
Alan S. Naar
John R. Nachlinger
Aziz Nekoukar
Matheu D. Nunn
Kimberly M. Parson
Mukti N. Patel
Christine D. Petruzzell
Jason Wade Rockwell
Denise R. Rosenhaft
Megan Shafranski
Timothy P. Smith
Lewis Stein
Hon. Edwin H. Stern
Shalom D. Stone
Robert A. Suarez
Haekyoung Suh
Andrew R. Turner
Albertina Webb
Grant C. Wright
Joseph L. Yannotti
Jennifer L. Young
Jeffrey M. Zajac


The Appellate Practice Special Committee addresses all issues which affect practices and procedures in the Appellate Division and Supreme Court of New Jersey, including, but not limited to, commenting on proposed amendments to court rules; promoting an open and ongoing exchange of views with appellate judges and court administrators; and sponsoring cooperative efforts between the Bench and the Association in order to enhance the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of justice at the appellate level.